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CEH Certificate: opening up doors to new opportunities

    The CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker.
    Although many people might raise their eyebrows at the prospect of an ‘ethical’ hacker’, the designation is growing in popularity. Many agencies are looking for a certified professional in this field to take a position in their companies.
    The CEH certificate, therefore, aims to certify your work on both prudential and moral grounds. It provides a legitimate document that sanctions your abilities in the ethical hacking field.

    Without a certificate, obtaining your dream job in this field might become problematic, as there is no standardized test to back up your abilities.

    What is the Certified Ethical Hacker certification?

    The CEH examination aims to evaluate the candidates’ understanding of:

    • Vulnerability in computer systems
    • High-security networks.
    • Tools knowledge

    At the same time, the examination evaluates the ethical understanding of the candidate in various situations and how to protect their networks and systems while launching defensive and offensive attacks on the opponent.

    The CEH certificate is hence a uniform method of identifying proficient candidates in this field. Companies use this certificate later on for looking for a professional to hire.

    How does the CEH certificate examination work?

    Like all examinations, the CEH certificate examination has some strict regulations, eligibility criteria, and procedures.

    Eligibility criteria

    Candidates below 18 years must provide a letter of consent from their parents to attend the ethical hacking course.

    The ethical hacker training course becomes an essential aspect of the examination.

    Therefore, at the end of the training candidates can sit for the exams without any other major educational requirements.

    However, forces study candidates, there is an eligibility criterion that requires them to submit a record of 2 years of information security-related work experience provided by their employer.

    Examination pattern

    The exam contains 125 questions in multiple-choice format. The candidates have four hours to complete the CEH examination.

    The topics covered in this examination include hacking methodology, scanning methodology, post-scan types, and working with tools such as Nmap, Wireshark, Snort, OpenSSL, etc.

    Many practice tests are available for this examination online for free that everyone can consult for further reference.

    Ethical Hacker – Job Description and Skills Required

    Ethical hacker – this term is used by the International Council of E-commerce Consultants or the EC Council, which organizes and carries out the ethical hacking certification.

    It means that to be a proficient technician in the field of ethical hacking, you need to understand the regulations and conditions which the EC Council has set up.

    After obtaining the CEH certificate, you can get hired for the following skills;

    • The ethical hacker is responsible for conducting ongoing security testing projects and ventures together with other team members to ensure that the company data is secure in the case of an actual cyber attack.
    • The ethical hacker acts as an intermediary between the world of hacking and the technicians at these companies. When anything new evolution plagues the market, ethical hackers help their companies’ data remain safe through new protection plans implementation.
    • A team of ethical hackers doing the jobs well increases the trustworthiness of the company in front of their clients and consumers. It decreases their liability in situations that are not under their control.
    • They have an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques used by malicious hackers and can simplify the overall process of launching a tax on these agencies and shutting them down.
    • The ethical hackers help other cyber security members of the teams continuously develop and evolve with the market and formulate new understanding and abilities together as a team.

    Ethical hacker – job availability

    What jobs can you get using the ethical hacker certification, and how much do they pay?

    Security analyst

    Role: Security analysts work across all spectrums of cyber security and data protection under a company. They head cyber security teams and organize and analyze threats and their responses.

    Responsibility: Security analysts work as investigators, designers, and policymakers; while teaching their younger team members how to handle crucial emergencies. They work at the core of cyber security teams.

    Salary: Security analysts and an average of $93,250 per annum.

    Computer forensics analyst

    Role: Computer forensics analyst works, especially on the investigation aspect of cyber security. Their job is not only limited to figuring out the sources and situations that lead to a cyber-attack but also preparing the data and network system 200 for such attacks in a better manner in the future.

    Responsibility: Computer forensics investigators work on the technical aspect of the investigation. They are more detail-oriented and respond to cyber attacks by producing detailed reports of the attack and comparing them to similar situations in the past.

    Salary: Computer forensics investigators earn an average salary of $58,762 at the entry level.

    Malware analyst

    Role: Malware analysis is a growing field in cyber security. A Malware Analyst is an analyst who has amazing programming skills and works at the software front to understand how an attack gets developed and the nitty-gritty of preventing such an attack in the future.

    Responsibility: Malware analysis identifies and examines the sources of malware and the starting point of cyber attacks on their systems. They develop counted tools employing similar mechanisms that get used during the defense process and in the future as well.

    Salary: A malware analyst makes an average entry-level salary of $78,000 per annum.

    Penetration tester

    Role: A penetration tester is an ethical hacker who creates cyber-attack situations within the company to help the cyber security team build a better defense.

    Responsibility: A penetration tester organizes authorized attacks on the computer systems and network systems of the company from every possible angle to prepare the systems for similar cyber attacks in the future.

    Salary: A penetration tester gets awarded a salary of $55,000 Per annum.

    Wrapping up

    CEH certificate can lead your hacking skills to great heights as a professional and ethical person in your field.

    Obviously the only certification is not a garantee that you are able to accomplish the work, but can be a good starting point.

    With the proper education and training, you can earn a lot doing what you love.