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CISSP certificate: Make your career leap!

    We already have seen deeply CEH Certificate and CompTIA Security+ Certification but now it’s time to take a look at the CISSP certificate.
    As technology advances, so do the threats and challenges. To tackle these constraints, employers look for candidates possessing the skills, aptitude, and expertise required to effectively locate, execute and maintain a best-in-class cyber security business. Here the CISSP certificate rules the game.
    From Google and IBM to many big established names in the IT sector, recognize CISSP certification; as an assurance of candidate knowledge and expertise.
    These certifications validate the skills and knowledge of cyber security experts and make their job profiles stand out from others.
    Let us take an in-depth look at the meaning of CISSP certification and the jobs you can get with that.

    What is a CISSP certificate?

    CISSP is an acronym for Certified Information Systems Security Professional, also regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ for Security Certification that proves the advanced knowledge and expertise of cyber security.
    It is one of the most recognized and respected credentials across the globe. This certificate gets designed by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2). The main objective of ISC2 behind conducting CISSP is to enhance the knowledge and skills of cyber security experts and make them more proficient players in the field.
    The globally recognized CISSP certificate serves as an assurance; for the employer that the candidate is thoroughly trained and equipped with the latest skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of the particular job position in the cyber security field.

    CISSP exam pattern and eligibility criteria

    As these certificates are a gateway to success for IT experts, passing the exam is no easy task. If you want to advance your career with CISSP, you need five years of commutative paid work security work experience in any two or more of the eight domains listed below:

    1. Information and Technology Asset Security
    2. Communications and Network Security
    3. Information Security and Risk Management
    4. Software Development Security
    5. Cryptography
    6. Security Architecture and Design
    7. Security operations
    8. Identity and access management

    A candidate can also satisfy one year of required experience with education credit.
    The candidates appearing for CISSP CSK( Common body of knowledge) requires to cover each of the eight domains listed above.
    There are 100-150 multiple choice questions. certification. The candidates need to score a minimum of 700
    points out of 1000 to pass the exams and get their validation certificate.

    What jobs one can secure with CISSP certification

    Getting a job in the cyber security sector is not an easy task. It requires a strong hold on to the domain and technology trends to effectively design, implement and manage the security programs for the security of the company’s information and technology assets.
    That is why CISSP-certified candidates outshine other candidates in the most prominent job positions. It is a high-level standard that employers often look for in a candidate’s resume.
    With these certificates, a candidate can open the doors to enormous job opportunities in the cybersecurity field.
    Some of the top-notch jobs a CISSP professional can get are:

    Cyber Security Professional

    With advanced knowledge, cybersecurity professionals are primarily responsible for protecting companies’ online data from being compromised. They identify and detect threats and vulnerabilities and provide quick solutions for keeping companies’ networks and systems safe from possible intrusion. According to data revealed by, a cybersecurity professional earns an average salary of $ 90,221 annually (even if this data has low confidence, it goes from $ 72,759 to $ 113,280).

    Security Administrator

    A security administrator is a person who is responsible for the security of a computer system or network. They are responsible for ensuring that the system is secure from unauthorized access and that data is protected from loss or corruption. This professional figure is also responsible for establishing the company’s security procedures. Probably the CISSP certificate can turn your earnings into a six-figure salary. By the way, tells us that the average income is $ 90,125.

    Security Auditor

    That’s not among the most know jobs in cybersecurity, but it can be a really satisfying job.
    In a few words security auditor is someone who evaluates an organization’s security posture and makes recommendations on how to improve it. They may also conduct audits on specific security controls to ensure that they are effective. The average salary is $ 82,397, and as always, CISSP can make you earn more than the average.

    IT Security Consultant

    A security consultant is an individual who provides expert advice and guidance on security-related issues to businesses and organizations. They are usually hired on a contractual basis to assess security risks, recommend security solutions, and implement security measures. In some cases, security consultants may also provide training on security awareness and best practices. revealed that a senior information security consultant earns an average salary of $ 99,154 annually.

    Network Analyst

    A network analyst is a professional who is responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing the implementation of computer networks. They work with other IT professionals to ensure that the network meets the needs of the users. Network analysts typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
    Apparently, this role is not so much related to cyber security (it is someone else’s responsibility), but it’s not properly true. In fact, proving your cybersecurity knowledge could be It could be an incentive for your company to give you a pay raise.
    However, the average salary is not so bad even if lower than other figures.
    According to data it is $ 64,275.

    Information Security Analyst

    Information security analysts are responsible for the security of an organization’s information systems. They plan, implement, and monitor security measures to protect computer networks and systems from cyber-attacks. They also research and develop security policies and procedures to ensure the safety of an organization’s data. This particular role has different levels of salary but it starts from $ 66,699 at level I to $ 145,335 at level V.

    Cyber Security Instructor

    A cybersecurity instructor is someone who teaches others how to protect themselves from online threats. This can include topics like how to create strong passwords, how to spot phishing emails, and how to keep your personal information safe. Cybersecurity instructors often have a background in computer science or information security, and they use their knowledge to help others stay safe online.
    The salary is consistent with other professions we have seen before: $ 68,415

    Quick sum up

    All the salaries are referred to US workers, anyway, just as a quick recap I’d like to show you a table with the essential concepts:

    JobDescriptionAVG Salary
    Cyber Security ProfessionalProtects companies from attacks$ 90,221
    Security AdministratorEnsures systems and writes up Security policies $ 90,125
    Security AuditorEvaluates the company’s security$ 82,397
    IT Security ConsultantHired on contract, provides advice and security solutions$ 99,154
    Network AnalystDesigns and implements computer networks$ 64,275
    Information Security AnalystPlans, implements, and monitors security measures$ 66,699
    Cyber Security InstructorTeaches others how to protect themselves from online threats$ 68,415

    Wrapping up

    If you want to advance your career in the cyber security field, enrolling in CISSP is the best step to accelerate your growth. These Certificates can land you enormous high-level job opportunities and drive earning growth. Get your CISSP certificate to validate your skills and knowledge and reassure your employer that you have what they are looking for.
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