About Me

Welcome to Our Cybersecurity Odyssey

Hello and thank you for visiting StackZero, a blog where we explore and learn together many aspects of cybersecurity with passion and curiosity. My journey in this field stems from a deep interest in digital security and all the challenges that this study brings with it.

Who Is Behind StackZero

I’m a computer engineer with a strong passion for cybersecurity, which has guided my learning path. My main area of interest is in analyzing malware, but it doesn’t end there. I love exploring different areas within this field, like cryptography and reverse engineering in general, always aim to learn more and share what I discover (that is the main goal of this blog).

My Philosophy: Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Learning

At StackZero, I believe in demystifying the complexities of cybersecurity. Our mission is to make this field accessible to everyone, from beginners to experts. 

I see learning as a collaborative journey, where each question asked and answered leads to collective growth.

Your Invitation to Explore, Learn, and Grow


At StackZero, I’m aiming to make cybersecurity as easy as possible for everyone who wants to approach the topic. I’m a strong believer in hands-on study and it will be reflected in every article that is not just a bunch of information to learn by heart. For me, making the entire process of learning like a shared journey is the only way to maximize its effectiveness. With this spirit,  every question and feedback will help all of us to grow and strengthen our knowledge.